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Disaster Recovery

Disasters, both natural and manmade, are happening more often than ever. The intensity of disasters is continuing to increase. The need for a disaster recovery and business continuity planning and preparation is greater than ever before. An information technology (IT) disaster recovery (DR) plan provides a structured approach for responding to unplanned incidents that threaten an IT infrastructure, which includes hardware, software, networks, processes and people. The key reasons for implementing an IT disaster recovery plan are protecting your organisation's investment in IT infrastructure and ability to conduct the business in case of any disaster.

Riyan Technologies follows the standards in the Special Publication 800-34 of National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST).


Structure for an IT disaster recovery plan:


  • Develop the contingency planning policy statement.
  • Conduct the business impact analysis (BIA).
  • Identify preventive controls.
  • Develop recovery strategies.
  • Develop an IT contingency plan.
  • Plan testing, training and exercising.
  • Plan maintenance.
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